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Accel Ignition

Accel is a recognized leader in high-performance fuel and ignition systems with over 40 years of expertise in this field. Manufactured under the aegis of Holley Performance, a market leader in EFI products, Accel ignition systems, distributors, and fuel system parts and accessories have proven themselves both on the track and on the street, providing drivers with the winning advantages they need to be ahead of the competition. Thousands and thousands of professional drivers and hot-rodders all over the world rely on Accel’s performance, durability and strength, preferring its products to competitors’ ones. However, Accel doesn’t rest on its laurels, constantly developing and manufacturing new products that gain horsepower, improve acceleration and overall performance to address today’s challenges provided by the automotive industry.

Accel offers one of the industry’s largest collections of performance EFI and ignition parts, running the gamut from SuperCoils and spark plug wires to distributors, caps and rotors. The ever expanding line of Accel performance products also includes tune-up kits, fuel injectors and complete ready-to-use digital fuel injection systems. So, whether you are looking for a replacement ignition or fuel system part for your vehicle or in need of a top-quality upgrade to boost your horsepower and performance, you are sure to find them all in the Accel catalog. All ignition and fuel system parts and components that bear the Accel name are manufactured to the highest industry standards utilizing innovative technologies and manufacturing processes. Accel distributors, caps, rotors as well as all other products are made out from top grade materials and are tested both in laboratory and on the road to ensure second-to-none quality you can count on wherever the road or adventures take you.

The Accel brand is synonymous with high-performance ignition systems and components built to optimize ignition timing for maximum engine efficiency. Accel provides solutions for both old-school and late-model, coil-on-plug-style ignitions, ensuring steady engine operation throughout the entire RPM range. Thus, its super coils prevent misfiring and are always ready for a tune-up, providing a hotter spark for more power. They are manufactured utilizing advanced bobbin technology and feature special silicon magnetic steel cores together with improved windings for a long-lasting spark. Along with super efficient ignition coils that are usually covered with a one-year limited warranty, Accel offers an array of other high-performance ignition parts, including ceramic boots that can handle high temperatures, up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and perfectly built plug wires that provide a free path for electrons, allowing for creating a perfect spark regardless of the engine speed or operating conditions.