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Adventus Wheels
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Adventus Wheels

Adventus Wheels by Asanti bring the notion of luxury to a new level. They combine a one-piece cast design with a variety of forms and finishes to address the needs of automotive enthusiasts looking for stylish wheels at an affordable price. Asanti utilizes the latest casting technology to get a perfectly shaped and formed aluminum wheel inside a mold with no air bulbs or other manufacturing defects. As a result, they get the highest quality wheels, each of which becomes a truly piece of art when finished. Brought to perfection through several manufacturing stages and covered with a wear-resistant finish, they meet the highest industry standards and requirements. Adventus rims are available in the most popular sizes, bolt patterns and offsets to fit virtually all makes and models including both domestic and import vehicles.

Unlike many OEM one-piece cast wheels that are fabricated utilizing gravity casting, Adventus rims are made out using low-pressure casting as well as spun-rim, flow-forming or rim-rolling technology. Such manufacturing processes allow for reducing the weight of a cast while enhancing its rigidity and strength. In some cases even higher pressures are used to ensure desired weight without sacrificing strength and durability. The combination of the heat, pressure and spinning also allows for building an extremely durable rim area with the strength that is similar to forged wheels, but at a lower cost. Thanks to the use of such processes Adventus wheels provide improved mechanical properties over gravity cast wheels and outperform OEM and most aftermarket cast wheels in every aspect of design, durability and performance. They are an ideal solution for just about any vehicle no matter whether it is a big truck or a family sedan.

When it comes to aftermarket wheels, the look is no less important than their strength and performance. Asanti understands this like nobody else, offering a broad variety of designs and finishes to suit virtually any taste and budget. Running the gamut from traditional black and chrome wheels to multi color ones, they can complement virtually any vehicle regardless of its age or color. A broad collection of bolt patterns, offsets and wheel diameter available for all Adventus designs allows everyone to pick out the right size wheel for his or her vehicle. If the desired size is not available the customer can always contact a certified dealer or the manufacturer directly and request the right size rim. Depending on a wheel, the manufacturer or a dealer will either offer an alternative solution or make it to order if possible.