Aero Function® - AF-1 Style Exhaust Tips
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Aero Function® AEF-P10

AF-1 Style Exhaust Tips
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AF-1 Style Exhaust Tips by Aero Function. A very strong and lightweight fibre-reinforced polymer which contains woven strands of carbon fibre. Our special chemical polymer is made to ensure the optimal combination of flexibility, durability and weight savings. All Aero Function Carbon Fibre Plastic parts come standard with seven layers of UV-inhibiting automotive and marine grade clear coat to ensure the beauty of our parts lasting many years. Full overview
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Product details

Aero Function AF-1 style exhaust tips are inspired by motorsports and take their roots from it. They are engineered and designed not only to enhance the visual appearance of your vehicle, but also to improve its functionality. Made from super strong and durable, yet lightweight materials, these exhaust tips are highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Besides, they perfectly withstand high exhaust temperatures, which means your hot exhaust gases will not burn a hole in your tips or deform them over time. Most of them are universal, so you can have them installed on a variety of makes and models. The only thing you should consider when purchasing AF-1 style exhaust tips is their length and inlet diameter. The outlet diameter is less critical than the inlet one, but it should also be taken into consideration.
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Key features

Aero Function premium handmade GFK, CFP, and Pur Rimproducts are founded from the roots of motorsports.
Aero Function have over ten years of experience in the engineering and manufacturing of aerodynamic components.
All Aero Function products are handmade in their own factories with trained employees who continue to produce high quality parts.
Aero Function provides customers with the latest and most up to date aerodynamics and accessories.