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Aeroquip Hoses & Fittings

Aeroquip is a company with a long history and strong traditions that takes its roots from the aviation industry. Founded in late 1940 in Jackson, Michigan, it started its way to the top of the industry with two revolutionary products, such as detachable reusable hose fittings and self-sealing couplings. Just like many other companies, during World War II it supplied the country with its products, which quickly became the industry standards of USA aircraft. Since that time Aeroquip hydraulic fittings and couplings have remained the icon of reliability and performance and are trusted all over the globe by both professional mechanics and do-it-yourselfers. In 1999 Aeroquip joined the Eaton family, having expanded its production abilities and getting new opportunities for growth.

Aeroquip offers one of the industry widest selections of mounting parts and accessories, including hoses, adapters, fittings, couplings, fluid connectors, plastic molded and extruded products. They are widely used for industrial, manufacturing, aerospace and automotive applications, allowing for solving a variety of tasks. Made out utilizing energy-efficient, innovative technologies, these products help people effectively manage hydraulic and mechanical power and make this more reliably, safely and sustainably. Unlike many other brands that offer only standard solutions to handle typical tasks, Aeroquip hose fittings, coupling and other products allow for managing non-standard tasks, offering a variety of designs for a wide range of applications. This makes Aeroquip products perfect for different custom projects when a unique solution or design is necessary.

While electrical vehicles become more and more common, cars and trucks with internal combustion engines are still the lion’s share of vehicles on our roads. Most of such vehicles rely on hydraulic pressure, so Aeroquip does its best to supply them with best-in-class hoses, adapters, fittings, couplings, fluid connectors and other hydraulic managing products. Besides, the company always strives to help you and your business move forward. Whether you’re a repair shop owner or a do-it-yourselfer working on your vehicle or custom project in a garage, Aeroquip has the right product to offer you. It provides a solution for virtually any task, helping you address any challenge you face with ease and confidence. With its ever expanding product selection counting thousands and thousands of parts and accessories, you can rest assured you will always find the right Aeroquip part on our virtual shelves.