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What started with a simple air filter many years ago has turned into a recognized leader in automotive air intake systems, an automotive filter corporation with a rich history and traditions. Airaid intake systems have pushed the boundaries of possible, improving air intake across the entire spectrum of internal combustion. From the concrete jungle of a big city to the toughest terrains, Airaid air filters and other air management solutions help internal-combustion engines breathe easier, providing a significant increase in horsepower and torque, and delivering an exciting driving experience the driver can feel with every push on the accelerator. They allow for unlocking the hidden potential of the engine, so you can get the most out of your ride without sacrificing engine longevity and health.

Everything began with a replacement air filter that was specially designed to replace restrictive factory components. This filter quickly became a bestseller, so the company decided to share its offering with the aftermarket. It developed a variety of air filter and intake system designs to address the needs of aftermarket, covering virtually all market segments, including high-end, luxury and sports vehicles. Airaid’s attention to details, commitment to excellence in every aspect of design and performance has allowed it to stand out from the crowd with best-in-class products that outperform the competition in every way. Keeping its focus on high-performance air intake systems, it further developed Poweraid throttle bodies that make it possible to dramatically improve low-end torque and throttle response. They have been accepted with great enthusiasm by off-roaders who are always in need of low-end torque when conquering tough terrains.

Airaid has gone the extra mile to be ahead of the game, providing extremely efficient air intake systems. While many other manufacturers focus only on the performance of an air filter, Airaid goes further paying a lot of attention to the design of the air intake tube. As a result, its aerodynamically-engineered intake tubes allow for accelerating air flow into the combustion chamber, while reducing turbulence. Paired with a washable and reusable air filter, Airaid air intake systems provide the best of all worlds, ensuring maximum performance and optimum engine protection. Besides, the multi-layer design of its filters with nano-fibers captures tiny microscopic dirt particles and helps for keeping all contaminants on the outer surface without restricting airflow, while a long air-intake tube reduces air temperature, so more fresh and cool air can be delivered into the engine.