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American Force

American Force started as a dream that has grown to become an industry leader, creating trends and supplying the industry with innovative designs and solutions. Initially located in Miami, FL, the company quickly turned into a full-fledged forged manufacturing center that has continued to grow since nowadays by adding new machines, hiring new workers and expanding its product portfolio. Today, more than 20 years later since its foundation, the heart of American Force is located in York, South Carolina, and feature 220 000 sq ft of manufacturing space equipped with around 30 CNC machines, an automated powder-coating line and an operational wheel casting plant. It produces thousands of different wheels each year, covering different market segments, including, but not limited to, high-end, sports and exotic vehicles.

American Force strives to address the needs of every customer, providing both cast and forged wheels. American Force wheels that are made utilizing the cast technology are built with the same pursuit of perfection that is common for forged wheels. All of them are manufactured on its own in the only one casting factory in the United States, keeping everything in-house and ensuring the highest quality of the final product. Regardless of a model or cost, all American Force rims are designed with uncompromised attention to details. Every new wheel design starts with a prototype that is revised extensively until it is turned into a piece of automotive art. Then, a team of experienced engineers does its best to make sure the wheel meets or exceeds American Force’s structural requirements and aesthetic expectations. Only when it meets all required standards, including SAE guidelines, it goes into production.

Forged wheels have been the core product of the company since its establishment. It uses the latest manufacturing processes to design and manufacture best-in-class wheels with features not offered by any other brand in the industry. All American Force rims begin with a solid block of 6061 aluminum that is turned into a unique wheel through advanced manufacturing steps. The first of them is creating a proper design using special computer software. American Force’s designers and engineers bring every design to perfection and make it exceed minimum structural requirements. The next step is actually forging. This is when aluminum is pressed into mold to create a denser and stronger structure that is then transformed into a piece of art with computer controlled and operating mills. At the final step of the production process every wheel is painted in a required color or colors and is finally checked for any possible defects to make sure it will exceed customers’ expectations.