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American Racing Wheels

American Racing has been synonymous with best-in-class racing wheels since its foundation in 1956. From the most iconic wheel of all times, the Torq Thrust, to the newest custom made forged wheels, American Racing Wheels have provided constant innovation, supplying the automotive industry and aftermarket with the latest and market-leading wheel designs as well as setting the standards that many other manufacturers are trying to follow. Every turn of American Racing car rims speaks about the company’s heritage in American motorsports across every discipline, from drag racing to desert racing. Developed for the track and brought to perfection on the track, American Racing wheels deliver features and benefits demanded by professional racers and hot-rodders all over the globe.

What keeps American Racing on the top of the market after so many years since its foundation? The answer is simple – the industry’s best wheels, up-to-date rim designs and unmatched quality and performance characteristics. Many of its wheel designs created more than 60 years ago are still on trend, providing the aesthetics and performance that drivers on all continents are looking for. Thus, its Torq Thrust wheels developed over 6 decades ago are still some of the most sought after wheels imitated by others. Hot Rod Magazine has even included it in its top 20 speed parts list that changed the world. Along with Torq Thrust, American Racing offers an array of other wheel designs, including modern series, vintage rims, ATX series and AR Forged rims. Most of them are available in a variety of bolt patterns, offsets and diameters to fit virtually any car or four-wheeler regardless of its age, make or model.

American Racing has the right wheel for everyone. It offers custom made wheels of the highest quality to address the needs of every customer. American Racing custom wheels are manufactured from premium quality materials utilizing the latest manufacturing processes to exceed the highest industry standards. While the company also offers some cast wheel models, most of them are forged aluminum wheels built to be lighter yet stronger than any cast counterparts. Hand crafted and made to order to meet the required size, style and finish, American Racing custom wheels provide the ultimate in quality along with an eye-catching design that will make you stand out from the crowd. If it happens that your desired wheel model or size is out of stock at the moment, you can always contact American Racing directly using contact information on their website or through one of its dealers. Whichever way you choose, you’ll get full information regarding the availability of the wheel and the company’s ability to make it to order if it is not available.