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AMP Research Power Steps Manufacturer

AMP Research is widely renowned for some of the most innovative pickup and truck products on the market, including various running boards and power steps. The latter ones are the core of its product collection, so many customers consider AMP Research power steps manufacturer to be the second name of the company. Amp Research running boards and steps are extremely functional and quality solutions specially designed to address the needs of virtually every truck owner. They are developed and manufactured utilizing flexible manufacturing methods and the latest assembly lines to outperform the competition and exceed customers’ expectations. Along with power step and running boards, the company offers a variety of bed extenders and truck accessories, including, but not limited to, mounting kits, wiring harnesses, power switches, and fuel doors.

Setting new standards for innovation and performance, AMP Research also does its best to deliver only positive experiences, both when using its products and when installing them. For this reason, it supplies every set of running boards, bed extenders, or any other product with detailed step by step installation instructions, which vary depending on an application. Since most of its running boards and bed extenders are model specific, the customer usually needs to unscrew some factory bolts or use factory mounting holes to install AMP Research products. When it comes to universal steps produced by AMP Research, in most cases, none or minimum modifications like cutting or drilling are also required to do the trick. Depending on your experience and knowledge, you can try to do the job yourself following the installation instructions, or hire a professional to be sure everything is done properly. In this case, the installation cost will vary from a hundred to several hundred dollars.

With 55,000 square feet of manufacturing space located in Tustin, California, AMP Research is more than just a development or engineering center, or an aftermarket products provider. The company also supplies OEM manufacturers with best-in-class products and mounting hardware. It was even awarded IATF 16949:2016 certification as a testament to its dedication to excellence and commitment to supplying premium quality products that outperform the competition and exceed customers’ expectations. AMP Research is one of a few manufacturers in the industry who develop and design its products to last the lifetime of the vehicle they are built for. This fact places AMP Research and its products on top of the market and makes it the brand of choice for hundreds and thousands customers across the globe. Whichever a product you choose, it is a piece of engineering art brought to perfection.