Buying Your First Truck: Vital Tips to Follow

Buying your first truck is an important deal, especially when you consider becoming a professional truck driver. The process itself is not a simple purchase, it should be a well-advised step.

We would like to help you with your choice. We have gathered a few tips you should consider beforehand. Let's look them up.

#1 New or Used Truck

New or Used Truck

This step is essential, especially when you considering trucking as your source of income. A used truck is cheaper, and you won't lose much when it turns out that trucking is not your thing. But let us look at the pros and cons of both sides.

New truck. Buying a new truck means that you have a warranty. It is a major benefit. Also, you should totally establish good relationships with the dealership, repair shop, and the salesman. Then your truck will be working great all the time.

The only downside here is the price. Newer models - higher prices.

Used truck. As we mentioned before, the used truck is way cheaper. The downside here that you will waste a lot of time on the repair. So it is highly recommended to buy a truck from a trucking company or a trusted person.

#2 Finding a Good Salesman

Good Salesman

This one is connected to the first piece. A salesman with a good reputation that knows a lot about trucks is the person you need to find. If the salesman specializes in trucks, they will help you to pick the finest characteristics to fully meet your desires.

Do not work with unreliable people and sellers who only want to sell. Getting a reliable truck with a good engine is your goal, and the salesman must know about these things.

#3 Focus on the Freight Type You Want to Haul

Freight Type

You should think about what types of cargo you would like to work with. And based on this, you need to look for a fitting vehicle.

Knowing that you can save lots of cash as you don't need to buy an overpowered engine when you aren't hauling oversized and heavy loads. Focus on truck versatility specifically for what you gonna haul.

#4 Sticking to Reliable Repair Shop and Mechanic

Sticking to Reliable Repair Shop and Mechanic

You will be surprised at how much maintenance is required for trucks. That's why finding a good repair facility and a mechanic that have experience with trucks of your model.

Also, picking the repair shop near your home is wonderful. It saves time because you can live the truck and go home, rather than wait the whole day around the shop.

#5 Order the Truck, Don't Buy from the Lot


It can be hard sometimes, by try to order your truck. Because the models that presented on the lot can have different specs. Or you will give extra money for the features you don't even need.

#6 Choose Fuel Efficient, However Reliable Engine

Fuel Efficient

Gallons per mile factor became very important today. Choosing a fuel-efficient engine doesn't always imply reliable performance. Make a little search and look for engines that have both characteristics.

#7 Design


Even the color is important, as some colors are more popular among buyers. Blue trucks, for example, are the most popular. The rarer the color you get, the higher the ticket you'll get for the paint job in the future.

Another thing is bumpers because, in some areas of the US, you probably should have moose bumpers to avoid truck damage in cases of a deer hit. If you are not planning to work in such areas - don't get one.

Truck purchasing requires a lot of responsibility from you. Do not neglect useful tips and advice and surely do not fall for the sweet words from the seller. Choose models, do research, ask experienced truckers, and only then go to the dealership.