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Asanti Customizable Wheels

Asanti wheels have been synonymous with luxury and impeccable quality for many years. It has taken the meaning and understanding of luxury to a new level, providing truly unique designs and advanced finish options to choose from. Asanti customizable wheels are second-to-none on the market, setting the standards of quality and style for others to follow. Their trend-setting custom finishes and performance characteristics make these rims the icon of luxury wheels no matter the vehicle, its age or purpose of use. Developed and finished in the United States utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies and manufacturing processes, they will make you stand out from the crowd and set you apart from the army of faceless clones offered by many other rim manufacturers. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Asanti wheels are built for those who don’t accept any compromise and are looking for excellence in every aspect of design and performance.

As a true market leader in the luxury wheel segment, Asanti uses only premium quality materials and the most innovative and technologically-advanced manufacturing processes to create the rims. They are made out from top-grade aluminum that is forged with the ultimate attention to details to ensure the perfect combination of light weight and unmatched strength. A solid billet of aluminum is forced between forging dies under extreme pressure and temperatures to create a dense and durable, yet lightweight construction. This manufacturing process requires more resources and a higher level of tooling and equipment to be used compared to casting, however, the performance, strength and durability of the final product cannot be reached by any type of casting that is used by some other manufacturers to cut the cost of their wheels. That’s why the majority of the rims available on the market are not equal to Asanti wheels.

Asanti provides one of the industry’s widest selections of luxury wheels and related products like wheel caps, all of which can be purchased through numerous Asanti wheels dealers located in the United States and abroad. The company offers many series of luxury and exclusive wheels, including Asanti Black Label rims, Asanti Offroad series, Asanti Legacy FS series and many more. All the wheels are available in different diameters ranging from 18" to 34" and a variety of bolt patterns and offsets to fit virtually any make and model found on the road. In case your perfect wheel is not in Asanti’s wheel list, the company will make it for you to suit your specific needs and requirements. But no matter whether it is a one of its mass-produced wheels or a custom one manufactured to order, all the wheels marked with the Asanti logo provide unmatched features and benefits that will exceed your expectations.