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ATX Series Wheels
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ATX Wheels

ATX Series Wheels by American Racing are a line of top quality cast aluminum and monoblock forged wheels designed and manufactured to address the demands of truck owners looking for durable performance rims at an affordable cost. The American Racing ATX series provides the best of all worlds, including a stylish design, increased load capacity, strength and light weight. Add to these a competitive price and a variety of bold patterns, diameters and offsets, and you’ll get some of the finest aftermarket wheels on the market that money can buy. Developed, designed and manufactured by an industry leader with more than half a century of expertise in high-performance wheels and accessories, and decades of heritage in American motor sports across every discipline, American Racing wheels ATX series deliver features demanded by both professional drivers and automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

Born from passion for motor sports, ATX series wheels meet the strictest industry standards and requirements, setting new standards in their class for others to follow. They are manufactured utilizing the latest technologies and manufacturing processes, which ensure the highest quality of a final product. No matter the vehicle you drive or the load you carry, ATX series wheels will handle everything you will put them through, providing years of maintenance-free performance in varying road and weather conditions. Their durable construction and wear-resistant finishes perfectly withstand the elements, ensuring a brand-new look of your wheels day in day out. Before leaving the manufacturing facility, each and every wheel with the ATX emblem is tested against manufacturing defects as well as any other possible imperfections a couple of times to guarantee uncompromised quality and strength you can count on wherever the road takes you.

ATX wheels are available in a variety of designs and sizes to fit and complement virtually any truck found on our roads. They are offered for sale through a wide dealership network in the United States and abroad as well as can be purchased online from the comfort of your home or office. ATX wheels for sale are also available on our digital shelves, so you can order them with just a click of the button in less than no time. We provide a full ATX series coverage, which means virtually all ATX series models are available in the most popular diameters, offsets and bolt patterns to fit your vehicle. Besides, we deal with the manufacturer directly, so you can rest assured you’ll get original quality wheels at the best possible price. No matter the wheel you choose, it will be covered with the original manufacturer warranty against defects and other issues mentioned in the warranty agreement.