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AVS 80004 loader
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Chadwick  Worrell
I have a 1994 Toyota pickup. Easy to install and looks amazing. Bumper and mounting kit shipped in just a few days and was received a few days later.
Category: Rear Bumpers
I love the look and functionality of this bumper, it is worth the money and the installation effort, by the way, the latter is complicated mostly because of poor installation instructions, I guess they are something that the manufacturer put in the box with every bumper regardless of the make and model
Category: Front Bumpers
High-quality direct-fit bumper, I’ve driven with an m1 front bumper for almost a year and am happy with it, this one seems to be the same quality, thick metal and powder coat, add a rugged look to my truck
Category: Rear Bumpers
It makes it easy to reach the roof when you need to put something on the roof rack, easy to install and remove, and doesn’t flex when you step on it, handy tool you can add whenever you need it
Category: Car Replacement Doors
I had to replace some bolts to mount the bumper lip, but everything else was fine, good quality plastic and an accurate fit, I also plan to paint the lip to match the bumper
Category: Replacement Bumpers
An excellent bumper in every way, it looks good and is pretty easy to install, you don’t have to remove the hitch system, which saves a lot of time and effort, the only concern is weak sensor holders but they still do the job
Category: Rear Bumpers
The panel is thick enough and overall looks good, I don’t like the way it’s painted (powder coat), but I’m going to repaint it anyway, so it works for me...
Category: Car Hoods
I bought both front and rear bumpers for a factory-installed appearance, look thick and heavy, the only concern is the color, I do not like the power coating, so plan to repaint it to match my exterior
Category: Rear Bumpers
Look awesome! Just what I’ve been looking for! I like its slightly rugged design and functionality, thinking of adding a winch… the bumper is a direct fit, so I did everything myself in a garage
Category: Front Bumpers
Accurate fit, nice look, and easy installation except for fog lights mounting, they sit too deep inside the bumper, which is neither good for look nor performance, will have to replace them soon
Category: Front Bumpers
Couldn’t find any reviews on this bumper so I decided to try it out and post one myself. What you see in the pic is what you get. High quality and affordable. Will add a lightbar or two and a winch to top it off
Category: Front Bumpers
Ordered both front and rear bumpers to replace my stock ones, a good option for a mid budget, recommend painting and installing at a body shop, otherwise, may not fit properly and match the body color
Category: Rear Bumpers