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Seibon HD9397HDDS-OE loader
Part Number HD9397HDDS-OE
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Dale Cupples
Fast shipping and perfect fit. Highly recommended
Category: Rear Bumper Covers
The bumper was easy to mount, which was a great surprise for me, an accurate fit, high-quality materials, and an aggressive look I like, the bumper came in a durable box with hardware, beyond a doubt, this is a perfect upgrade for the Tundra
Category: Rear Bumpers
The bumper goes further out of the hood than it is in the picture, but I do like how my Dodge looks with it, the bumper seems to be of high quality and fits well, however, the installation requires mechanical skills or professional assistance, anyway I plan to buy the rear bumper for a finished look
Category: Front Bumpers
I bought both front and rear bumpers for a factory-installed appearance, look thick and heavy, the only concern is the color, I do not like the power coating, so plan to repaint it to match my exterior
Category: Rear Bumpers
Tomas A.
a killer look and great price, fitment was also great, I’m going to replace mesh inserts with led lights
Category: Front Bumpers
Accurate fit, nice look, and easy installation except for fog lights mounting, they sit too deep inside the bumper, which is neither good for look nor performance, will have to replace them soon
Category: Front Bumpers
Ford f-150 owner
Love how it looks on my truck, reused my existing fog lights and think about putting a winch, the installation takes a couple of hours, but if you’re new to this, leave it to a professional
Category: Front Bumpers
Ron M.
It works perfectly on my Jeep, the installation was a piece of cake… the brackets seem to be weak, but do the job. Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable rear guard, steelcraft is a good choice
Category: Rear Bumpers
I like how it looks and fits my Jeep, installation would be easy if you have the right brackets, mine were bent so I had to work on them with a hummer…the biggest concern is the paint job, I noticed some minor scratches, it still works for me but I think it needs repairing in the nearest future
Category: Front Bumpers
Couldn’t find any reviews on this bumper so I decided to try it out and post one myself. What you see in the pic is what you get. High quality and affordable. Will add a lightbar or two and a winch to top it off
Category: Front Bumpers
John Martinez
Very good quality just what I expected .
Category: Front Bumpers
Steven Kalem
Easy to order and delivery was quick, I'll be back.
Category: Rear Bumpers