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Duraflex 112844 loader
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Mercedes-Benz SLK32 AMG Body Parts reviews

thomas gilbertson
Nice product,worked great
Category: Replacement Bumpers
Stan Smith
Not only it arrived on time but it fit very well
Category: Replacement Fenders
Chadwick  Worrell
I have a 1994 Toyota pickup. Easy to install and looks amazing. Bumper and mounting kit shipped in just a few days and was received a few days later.
Category: Rear Bumpers
Rivero Auto Sales
En perfecto estado
Category: Front Bumpers
I love the look and functionality of this bumper, it is worth the money and the installation effort, by the way, the latter is complicated mostly because of poor installation instructions, I guess they are something that the manufacturer put in the box with every bumper regardless of the make and model
Category: Front Bumpers
The bumper goes further out of the hood than it is in the picture, but I do like how my Dodge looks with it, the bumper seems to be of high quality and fits well, however, the installation requires mechanical skills or professional assistance, anyway I plan to buy the rear bumper for a finished look
Category: Front Bumpers
There is nothing bad to say of these hinges, they work as expected and advertised, and fit well, but need some sanding to allow the bolts to go through the holes easily, I took off all the paint and then custom-painted them to match the color of my half doors
Category: Car Door Hinges
Perfect alternative to worn-out factory parts, both design and fit are fine, but not the finish, it is textured black, but has some chips on it, you can’t install them as they come, you have to repaint them to look brand-new
Category: Car Hoods
I had to replace some bolts to mount the bumper lip, but everything else was fine, good quality plastic and an accurate fit, I also plan to paint the lip to match the bumper
Category: Replacement Bumpers
The panel is thick enough and overall looks good, I don’t like the way it’s painted (powder coat), but I’m going to repaint it anyway, so it works for me...
Category: Car Hoods
I like how it looks and fits my Jeep, installation would be easy if you have the right brackets, mine were bent so I had to work on them with a hummer…the biggest concern is the paint job, I noticed some minor scratches, it still works for me but I think it needs repairing in the nearest future
Category: Front Bumpers
Couldn’t find any reviews on this bumper so I decided to try it out and post one myself. What you see in the pic is what you get. High quality and affordable. Will add a lightbar or two and a winch to top it off
Category: Front Bumpers