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LKQ FI2592101C loader
Part Number FI2592101C
Exact fit
On sale - 55 %
In Stock
LKQ AC2592111 loader
Part Number AC2592111
Exact fit
On sale - 22 %
In Stock
LKQ CH2592152C loader
Part Number CH2592152C
Exact fit
On sale - 60 %
In Stock

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Fiat Fog Lights reviews

Bob Kelly
The item that I purchased were perfect
Category: Custom Fog Lights
Armando S Vengoechea
Great product easy to install and work perfectly.
Category: Custom Fog Lights
I’m happy with my lights, I have used them for 3 months already, there has been no problem so far like condensation or leaking, they are much brighter than factory fog lights yet require wiring modifications to install
Category: LED Fog Lights
The lights are worth their money, they look good and are way cheaper than OEM replacements from the dealer, the only concern is wiring….I didn’t find any installation instructions, so I guessed they should fit as factory lights, but in fact, I had to work on the wiring to make them perform
Category: Fog Lights
I give these fog lights 5 solid stars as they are great in look and performance. They are near the perfect fit just like factory oem lights, so the installation is as easy as abc. Quality materials for this cost
Category: Custom Fog Lights
These are some of the best fog lights I’ve ever had, they are super bright and look amazing, they came in with detailed installation instructions and everything required to have the job done
Category: LED Fog Lights
The fog lights are super bright and look impressive, but my problem was installing them correctly because they didn’t arrive with installation instructions and my truck has no fog lights from the factory, the installation took an hour
Category: Custom Fog Lights
Fit as advertised, super bright and stylish, I do like the way they light up, I’d recommend these fog lights to everyone who is looking for brighter than stock lights at a good price
Category: LED Fog Lights
Jason Clark
They are a perfect alternative to stock lights, plug and play installation, no wiring work or modifications, not the best quality plastic, but they cost less, so that’s okay
Category: Factory Fog Lights
Solid five stars, excellent look and performance, the halo rings add style to the lights but are not very efficient, so you should not expect any extra brightness
Category: Custom Fog Lights
An excellent alternative to stock fog lights, plug and play with the existing housing, no cutting at all, not so durable as stock lights but do the job
Category: Factory Fog Lights