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Anzo 881035 loader
Part Number 881035
Exact fit
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Anzo 841002 loader
Part Number 841002
Exact fit
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Hella 194 loader
Part Number 194
Exact fit
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Anzo 881036 loader
Part Number 881036
Exact fit
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International 150 Lighting reviews

Cole Stein
Love these super bright headlights!!
Category: Sealed Beam Headlights
Andy White
Excellent, very good sales representative and low price, recommend.
Category: Off-Road LED Light Bars
I give these fog lights 5 solid stars as they are great in look and performance. They are near the perfect fit just like factory oem lights, so the installation is as easy as abc. Quality materials for this cost
Category: Custom Fog Lights
I bought them for Christmas for my husband, he is happy with them, and so do I, truck and gear, thank you for the shopping advice and assistance
Category: Custom Headlights
High-quality headlights at a mid price, they are bright, look amazing and are super easy to install, plug and play, I do not understand why some people complain about the quality of plastic, everything looks fine
Category: LED Tail Lights
In my opinion, the lights look good, but are cheaply built, I had problems putting in my stock bulbs, which was not an easy task then I found they used another bulb type, I’m not sure if that was mentioned on the product page
Category: Headlights
Look nice and do their job, but are cheap on plastic, everything else is good…they came with an installation diagram, so wiring was a piece of cake
Category: Cab Lights
These are some of the best fog lights I’ve ever had, they are super bright and look amazing, they came in with detailed installation instructions and everything required to have the job done
Category: LED Fog Lights
Nice properly sealed headlights, bright and stylish, I have read a couple of negative reviews and complaints about poor sealing and condensation build-up, but mine have had no problem for 4 months already, five stars
Category: Custom Headlights
Ron C.
The plastic is perfectly clear and everything else is perfect too, except for the plastic bracket, it is something that Spyder missed when designing the lights, but anyways they deserve solid four stars
Category: Custom Headlights
Really nice lights, bright and look amazing when installed, they require some wiring work to hook up, but it’s not a big deal, all necessary installation instructions were provided, so it was pretty easy
Category: Projector Headlights
The lights look and fit as advertised, these are my second lights from Spyder and Truck and gear, I was happy with the previous ones, I sold them with the car, plenty of pros and no cons for their price
Category: Factory Tail Lights