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Rugged Ridge 12402.80 loader
Part Number 12402.80
Exact fit
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Hella 1034 loader
Part Number 1034
Exact fit
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Hella 1034TB loader
Part Number 1034TB
Exact fit
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Hella 53 loader
Part Number 53
Exact fit
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Jeep Universal Lighting reviews

This is a perfect add-on to my smittybilt basket, it is easy to mount and looks sturdy, easily holds four round lights
Category: Lighting Accessories
They are really nice lights but cause hyper flashing, which never happened with my stock lights, I will contact the manufacturer to fix that. I think they need a kind of ballast or driver to fix the problem
Category: Turn Signal Lights
The lights look and perform as advertised, however, the quality of the plastic could be better, I’d recommend extra sealing when installing them because the existing one looks poor, so leaks may appear
Category: Projector Headlights
Ed S.
The light looks great both when it is on and off, it was properly packed so I didn’t manage to find any imperfection, but for an unknown reason sometimes it doesn’t turn off when I switch it off, I guess a wiring issue…
Category: Third Brake Light
Mr. Dalton
They require some wiring splicing and reinstalling the grille, but overall these are great lights that are worth every penny, they look and perform even better than I expected
Category: Custom Headlights
Jason Clark
They are a perfect alternative to stock lights, plug and play installation, no wiring work or modifications, not the best quality plastic, but they cost less, so that’s okay
Category: Factory Fog Lights
An excellent alternative to stock fog lights, plug and play with the existing housing, no cutting at all, not so durable as stock lights but do the job
Category: Factory Fog Lights
I have never had any problems with spyder lights, this is my second set and I do love the way it looks on my car, they are stylish, bright and easy to install, they dramatically change the look of my car.
Category: Projector Headlights
Everything is plug and play, so no wiring work is necessary, I also like the halo rings that turn on with my daytime running lights, the only concern is beam adjusting, which takes some time, but overall nothing bad to say, good lights
Category: Projector Headlights
They are bright even on a sunny day! ccfl rings are worth the extra dollar, but I’m worried about the moisture …the sealing seems to be weak, so I guess they can build condensation inside in a wet climate.
Category: Projector Headlights
They look better than on the page, but not bright enough, so I switched the bulbs they came with for silverstars, overall a good set of lights at an affordable price, much better than the competition within the same price range
Category: Projector Headlights
Greg M.
That bar is worth the money, good quality and trouble-free installation, although I had to work on light bar support brackets with a hammer to make them fit, I bought it to hold a 20″ light bar
Category: Off-Road LED Light Bars