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Hella 1156 loader
Part Number 1156
Exact fit
In Stock
Hella 1157 loader
Part Number 1157
Exact fit
In Stock
Hella 1157TB loader
Part Number 1157TB
Exact fit
Special order
Hella 158TB loader
Part Number 158TB
Exact fit
Special order
Hella 194 loader
Part Number 194
Exact fit
Special order

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Maserati Sebring Lighting reviews

Jose Rojo
Hi. good pod. good guys. everything is ok.
Category: Off-Road Lights
Bill Quiroz
Everything is all right. I am satisfied with the service.
Category: Off-Road LED Light Bars
Diego Costa
Thanks for your help. A very good quality.
Category: Off-Road Light Grilles Guards
Awesome-looking tail lights, they fit almost as stock lights, leaving just a little gap, but this is not a big deal because they do look fantastic, I love them! Now I am looking for a third brake light to match them.
Category: LED Tail Lights
I’m happy with my lights, I have used them for 3 months already, there has been no problem so far like condensation or leaking, they are much brighter than factory fog lights yet require wiring modifications to install
Category: LED Fog Lights
These are the perfect upgrade to stock bumper lights. LEDs add style and brightness to the exterior. I had to work on my wiring to connect LEDs but overall installation was pretty easy, I’d everything done in less than an hour
Category: Turn Signal Lights
DRLs work as expected, overall good lights that are worth every penny, I didn’t expect premium quality, however, these are 4 stars
Category: Daytime Running Lights
The mounting is terrible, but the lights themselves look fine and bright, so I’d purchase them again, by the way, thanks for the fast shipping, I got them on the second day, excellent service truck&, thank you
Category: Custom Headlights
Fit as advertised, super bright and stylish, I do like the way they light up, I’d recommend these fog lights to everyone who is looking for brighter than stock lights at a good price
Category: LED Fog Lights
Solid five stars, excellent look and performance, the halo rings add style to the lights but are not very efficient, so you should not expect any extra brightness
Category: Custom Fog Lights
Nice properly sealed headlights, bright and stylish, I have read a couple of negative reviews and complaints about poor sealing and condensation build-up, but mine have had no problem for 4 months already, five stars
Category: Custom Headlights
I have never had any problems with spyder lights, this is my second set and I do love the way it looks on my car, they are stylish, bright and easy to install, they dramatically change the look of my car.
Category: Projector Headlights