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AVS Auto Ventshade Company was started in late 1935 and built around the Ventshade, the first product made by AVS. Since that time the company has grown to become an industry leader with an international presence and an array of parts and accessories in its arsenal. Today, AVS automotive product collection counts hundreds of products grouped under several categories, including hood protection, window protection, automotive lighting and accessories. Currently operating under the auspices of Lund International, it continues to expand its product selection, offering the most advanced and innovative solutions providing unmatched style, protection, and comfort. They outperform the competition, offering new features developed and designed to take your driving comfort to a new level.

An auto ventshade was the first product made by AVS and still remains a key one offered for a variety of makes and models. While its design has changed over time, it serves the same purpose as many years ago, letting fresh air in while keeping rain and bad weather out. Just like more than eight decades ago it mounts above car windows or inside window channels, allowing the driver to lower the window glass and enjoy fresh air. Unlike the first ventshade that was made from metal and was heavy, today’s ones are manufactured from lightweight, yet durable plastics that perfectly withstand corrosion and UV rays and serve for years. Most of them are specially designed and manufactured for a specific application, so an accurate fit and ease of installation are always guaranteed. Also called side window deflectors, AVS ventshades can be found on hundreds and thousands of vehicles worldwide. You should also check your vehicle’s vent shades, there is a high chance you’ll find the AVS logo on them.

While everything began with just one product, today AVS has hundreds of parts and accessories to offer the customer. Among its products you may find hood shields, lights and light covers, bumper protectors, hood scoops, chrome accessories and many more parts and accessories developed and designed for both domestic and imported vehicles. Each of them serves its specific purpose, yet is built to enhance your driving comfort and complement your vehicle. Whether it is a hood shield you are going to use to protect the hood and windshield from bugs, dirt and road debris or a set of light covers made to shield your pricey lights against flying rocks and dirt, every AVS product provides protection and style that will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. AVS protective solutions are available in the most popular colors and finishes, including chrome, black and tinted, so every customer can find the right one to match his or her vehicle’s exterior.