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LKQ HO1288145 loader
Part Number HO1288145
Exact fit
On sale - 43 %
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LKQ HO1289112 loader
Part Number HO1289112
Exact fit
On sale - 47 %
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LKQ HO1289113 loader
Part Number HO1289113
Exact fit
On sale - 59 %
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LKQ HO1289115 loader
Part Number HO1289115
Exact fit
On sale - 33 %
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Honda Cabin, Trailer Parts and Accessories reviews

It has been in use for two years, inflates my 19-inch wheels in a couple of minutes, no overheating as with cheap Chinese compressors, easy to hook up to the battery, it is also relatively compact and comes with a bag, so I always keep it at hand on the move
Category: Cabin and Trailer
useful tool, bright and powerful, I bought a pair of these flashlights to keep one of them ready for use in my garage
Category: Cabin and Trailer
The tray is well made and quality but it is not what is advertised on the product page, this is the only reason I can’t give it 5 stars, it arrived perfectly packed and was easy to install, just not what was in the picture
Category: Cabin and Trailer
Tricky experience… The first glove box I got came with multiple scratches, to my view, due to poor packaging, the second one that I go as a replacement had some scratches inside, but that worked for me, the biggest complaint is that you have to use both hands to open the box, this is not safe on the move
Category: Cabin and Trailer
Does its job
Category: Cabin and Trailer

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