C&R Racing® - Pressurized Water System Dual Gauge Pressure
C&R Racing® - Pressurized Water System Dual Gauge Pressure
C&R Racing® - Pressurized Water System Dual Gauge Pressure
C&R Racing® - Pressurized Water System Dual Gauge Pressure
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C&R Racing® 75-00003

Pressurized Water System Dual Gauge Pressure
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C&R Racing - Pressurized Water System Dual Gauge Pressure Full overview
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Founded by Chris Paulsen in 1988, C&R Racing, Inc. started as a specialty machine and fabrication shop serving the IndyCar Industry. Driven by a passion for motorsports, Paulsen applied his knowhow as a Chief Mechanic for top level competition drivers, expanding C&Rs product line to include cooling components that met the demanding conditions of top-tier US race teams. C&R grew into the supplier of choice for cooling solutions used by leaders in the motorsports industry.
  • SKU: 75-00003
  • Make sure the Pressure Setting Tool Valve is closed and the regulator is set to the lowest setting by pulling the knob outward and turning counterclockwise until it stops.
  • Connect compressed air source to gauge and then connect the disconnect to the pressure tank.
  • Open the valve and increase the system pressure by turning the regulator knob clockwise until the desired system pressure is shown on the system gauge.
  • 7-8psi if under 80° Ambient
  • 5-6psi if over 80° Ambient
  • Close the Valve and disconnect the gauge from the pressure tank.
  • The Cooling System is now Set.
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Key features

C&R delivers the North American market with unrivaled support to suit broad scope cooling needs.
While dedicating attention to each customer’s unique needs, C&R is a world leader in providing quality cooling solutions across a wide range of industries.
C&R Racing takes what they learn at the track and apply it to street applications, providing high performance, track-proven technology.
When it comes to excellent design and reliability in performance parts of the cooling system, there is almost no substitute for C&R Racing products.