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Napier 19100 loader
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I was about to purchase coverking, but decided to save a couple of bucks, the cover is well-made, not top brands but the quality is good for the money, the material seems thick but the seams are loose in some places where under high tension, the cover is suitable for temporally use but not all year round
Category: Covers
Harry Sing
The item looks exactly like the picture
Category: Truck Winch Accessories
I bought this cargo carrier steel basket to mount on my factory rails. It fits and looks as advertised on the product page, so I’m happy with it
Category: Base Roof Rack Systems
Just what the doctor ordered! This is my second bumper guard from spec-d, both are of excellent quality and fit well. This one arrived properly packed in a box, necessary hardware and instructions were also included, nice!
Category: Bumper Guards
They are some of the best running boards I’ve ever owned, they look awesome and extremely durable, and arrived well-packed and on time, recommend both boards and the store
Category: Running Boards
I bought them for the running boards, I got the front left bracket damaged, but they came as a set, so I had to purchase it, thick and durable, and fit like my original brackets
Category: Running Boards
5-star running boards, sturdy and look perfect when installed, especially with end caps, come with mounting brackets
Category: Step Boards
I do like how they look on my van, look sturdy and stylish even despite their classic design, came with brackets, so the installation was easy and quick
Category: Step Boards
Tony R.
Nice wide running boards that run from wheel to wheel for maximum coverage, I’m not sure if they are true aluminum, but the metal is thick and the pattern looks good, so they work for me whatever they are made of
Category: Step Boards
Good quality aluminum running boards, wide enough for safer footing under any conditions, like the combination of black and silver. The installation is quite easy, no drilling is needed, everything is done with brackets.
Category: Step Boards
Look sturdy, the fit is also good if use the right brackets, they are the key to a trouble-free installation, the steps do not slip in fog or rain and are wide enough for accurate stepping, I’d highly recommend these side bars
Category: Side Steps
Perfect add-on to the stock bumper, requires some trimming to fit properly, but I think it’s normal for aftermarket body parts, have it painted with a spray bottle
Category: Bumper Lips


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