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Smittybilt 50125AM loader
Part Number 50125AM
Exact fit
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Looks Great!!!
Category: Billet Grilles
I'm a little bit confused… on one side I do like the quality and the look of the covers because it perfectly meets all my needs, on the other side, it is not perfectly sealed on the sides of my truck because of the weak tightening mechanism, it is made of plastic and can get damaged easily if gets over tightened
Category: Folding Tonneau Covers
One more quality product from smittybilt, the top fits as advertised, the look is also great, and I do love these zip-out windows, it is straightforward to remove the windows if you want to enjoy the breeze
Category: Soft Tops
These are the perfect fit for my 2016 Silverado, I bought a full set to save on shipping and I am happy with what I got for the price, all fenders fit like factory parts and are sealed with a rubber gasket included, it took me almost two hours to have four of them installed
Category: Fender Flares
I bought it for my husband, and he is happy with it, we can put the spare tire and lots of other stuff on the rack with no problem, it is sturdy and doesn’t bend or flex with the cargo, I was also pleased with fast shipping, excellent service, thank you!
Category: Roof Rack Baskets
This is an awesome hard top, it perfectly lines up with the doors and other construction elements, all screws and clips also found their place, the rear glass comes in a separate box and is well-packed as well as the rest of the top, the top does add protection and comfort, I like it so much
Category: Hard Tops
Just what the doctor ordered! This is my second bumper guard from spec-d, both are of excellent quality and fit well. This one arrived properly packed in a box, necessary hardware and instructions were also included, nice!
Category: Bumper Guards
Accurate fit and excellent value for their cost! All holes lined up perfectly, so I didn’t have to work on fenders to make them fit. Sealing is also good, not as factory, but still does its job, I recommend these fender flares
Category: Fender Flares
They are super lightweight but durable, I planned to install them as they came, but mentioned some minor finish defects, the manufacturer also says they must be painted, so I haven’t installed them yet, but it should be easy because they came with direct fit brackets
Category: Side Steps
Nice running boards, they are wide and run the length of my front and rear doors, entering and exiting my pickup truck has never been easier before
Category: Step Boards
Good and functional side steps, the installation took almost 2 hours, but it’s okay since all bolts found their places, so no drilling is required, I’m not sure about the finish as it seems to get rusted over time, but will see, for now, they work for me
Category: Step Boards
Nice steps! Do their job and look awesome, the stepping pads come with an anti-slip pattern and are placed just in front of the doors for comfortable getting in and out, some of the best running boards for their price
Category: Step Boards


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