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Napier 19100 loader
Part Number 19100
Exact fit
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In Stock
Blue Ox BX2106 loader
Part Number BX2106
Exact fit
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Ford Festiva Exterior Parts and Accessories reviews

Daniel Prefach
Just what I needed.
Category: Bed Extenders
Looks Great!!!
Category: Billet Grilles
Fit well, but need minor modifications to mount, which is common for most Jeep accessories, overall good quality materials and finish, but may need repainting in a couple of years but it is cheaper than repainting the Jeep
Category: Rocker Bars
A solid piece of metal, excellent craftsmanship, I’ve used a similar one by smittybilt for several years on my other truck and been happy with it, there is no doubt this one will serve me for years to come
Category: Truck Winch Accessories
Great value for the money, I bought it for safe and easy securing my rope to the vehicle when I need to pull something, I’m not planning to use it regularly, so I think it will serve me for many years to come.
Category: Truck Winch Accessories
They look awesome on my Dodge’s handles! They come with double-size 3m tape, so the install is really a piece of cake, you just need to remove the protective film and attach them to the handles and you’re done! Brilliant look!
Category: Chrome Trim
The wing is durable and looks good when installed, I had to drill a couple of holes to secure it on the trunk and do some sealing to prevent rusting of the bolts and leaking trunk, overall, I give it 4 out of five stars, not bad
Category: Custom Spoilers
Accurate fit and excellent value for their cost! All holes lined up perfectly, so I didn’t have to work on fenders to make them fit. Sealing is also good, not as factory, but still does its job, I recommend these fender flares
Category: Fender Flares
Better than I expected, they do look better when installed, have perfect fit and durable construction, wide stepping area, highly recommend these running boards
Category: Step Boards
High-quality, perfect look, and durable construction, an ideal solution for a hardworking truck or van, easy to install with provided brackets, recommend
Category: Step Boards
High-quality aluminum running boards, durable construction, classic design, arrived well packed but there were some scratches on the back side, but since they are not visible overall they work fine for me
Category: Step Boards
Perfect add-on to the stock bumper, requires some trimming to fit properly, but I think it’s normal for aftermarket body parts, have it painted with a spray bottle
Category: Bumper Lips


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