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Napier 19100 loader
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jim harrington
Great product and Easy install
Category: Step Boards
From my husband… the rocker guards are a perfect add-on to his Jeep, he likes the way they look and fit
Category: Rocker Bars
An easy way to hold a small fire extinguisher, an ideal solution for those who don’t like the look of metal holders, easy to attach to a roll bar
Category: Hard Top Accessories
A solid piece of metal, excellent craftsmanship, I’ve used a similar one by smittybilt for several years on my other truck and been happy with it, there is no doubt this one will serve me for years to come
Category: Truck Winch Accessories
A very nice upgrade for my 1990 Wrangler, the top was easy to install and looks fantastic, protects from the sun and doesn’t restrict airflow, the rear straps do their job as advertised, no flapping at all
Category: Soft Tops
The fairlead looks fantastic, I use it with a synthetic rope to reduce wear, so I am pretty sure it to be durable long-term, I’d not recommend using it with a chain, I think it will wear much faster, overall, solid four stars
Category: Truck Winch Mounts
This is an awesome hard top, it perfectly lines up with the doors and other construction elements, all screws and clips also found their place, the rear glass comes in a separate box and is well-packed as well as the rest of the top, the top does add protection and comfort, I like it so much
Category: Hard Tops
I bought this cargo carrier steel basket to mount on my factory rails. It fits and looks as advertised on the product page, so I’m happy with it
Category: Base Roof Rack Systems
Quality running boards, I haven’t measured the drop (your side states it is 4 inches) but the number should be correct, now it’s really easy to get in and out, I do recommend this product
Category: Step Boards
Do their job and look good, just the thing for hardworking vehicles and off-road applications, I had a bad experience using alloy steps with plastic end caps and inserts
Category: Step Boards
Sturdy and nice-looking running boards came with mounting brackets, so the installation was easy, perfectly match my silver rims
Category: Step Boards
Premium quality side bars with wide step pads that do not slip in rain and fog, easy to install with provided brackets and bolts that fit into factory openings
Category: Step Boards


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