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Bjorn Hogman
Best buy ever.
Category: Custom Car Mirrors
OEM fit but not OEM quality, the mirror is easy to install and looks pretty good at first sight, but they are not sturdy enough to stay in place when conquering rough terrains, this is the reason I can give them only 3 stars
Category: Mirrors
Nice mirrors! I read many complaints regarding a poor tightening mechanism, but mine causes no problem, I adjusted them once and then tightened the screws and they are still in place even after driving over bumps
Category: Mirrors
High-quality heated mirrors with a telescopic function, the installation was a piece of cake since everything was plug-and-play. The mirrors are easy to adjust
Category: Towing Mirrors
I had to work on my wiring to make them perform as they should, but I like the results, my stock mirrors were not heated, which was a problem in winter, to my view, these look even better than stock mirrors
Category: Mirrors


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