INFINITI Custom Grilles Catalog

Duraflex 104681 loader
Part Number 104681
Exact fit
On sale - 15 %
In Stock
Duraflex 105665 loader
Part Number 105665
Exact fit
On sale - 16 %
In Stock
Carbon Creations 105666 loader
Part Number 105666
Exact fit
On sale - 10 %
In Stock
T-REX Grilles 20810 loader
Part Number 20810
Exact fit
Fia GS909-33 loader
Part Number GS909-33
Exact fit
Fia WF929-33 loader
Part Number WF929-33
Exact fit

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INFINITI Custom Grilles reviews

T. Clark
And it looks awesome!!
Category: Billet Grilles
Looks Great!!!
Category: Billet Grilles
All around the grille is perfect from the finish to the quality of materials, I recommend it to everyone looking to dress up the vehicle, just be ready to spend a couple of hours to have it installed properly
Category: Mesh Grilles
Just to start ….the grille looks fine and seems to be quality, easy to install, but my complaint is the shipping time and quality control, it took four days to deliver it to my door, but when I checked the condition there was a little scratch on the front, and then it took other four days to have another one delivered to me, no complaint about the product, just long shipping
Category: Billet Grilles
It is extremely easy to put on with no cutting at all, the grille looks fantastic, it’s lightweight but durable, dramatically changes the look of my Jeep, I’d recommend it to everyone who is looking for an affordable and easy to install grille
Category: Billet Grilles
This is the best grille I’ve ever had, it’s lightweight, yet looks and feels sturdy. The installation took less than an hour. The shipping was fast and I also got a first-time purchase discount, great service truck and gear!
Category: Custom Grilles
Just the thing I need! It fits like gloves. It took me more time to remove the factory grille than to install this one, I’m satisfied with the purchase and considering purchasing spyder headlights and taillights
Category: Billet Grilles


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