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TrailFX FCLR001B loader
Part Number FCLR001B
Exact fit
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TrailFX FCLR002B loader
Part Number FCLR002B
Exact fit
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International M1400 Exterior Parts and Accessories reviews

Great work!
Category: Awnings
Philip Gonzales
Great steps!!! Install isn't bad at all with basic hand tools and a little patience. Only steps I would consider for unaffected ground clearance and a happy family!
Category: Step Boards
Steven Shelby
As described. And good customer service! Helped me when UPS lost it. I appreciate it.
Category: Hitch Steps
Fit well, but need minor modifications to mount, which is common for most Jeep accessories, overall good quality materials and finish, but may need repainting in a couple of years but it is cheaper than repainting the Jeep
Category: Rocker Bars
I think this is the best value for the money for sure, they are wide, which not only adds an aggressive look to the vehicle but also better protects the body from flying rocks, I am so happy with the fender flares, it’s much cheaper to replace a broken fender flare than to repaint a fender or door
Category: Fender Flares
This is an awesome hard top, it perfectly lines up with the doors and other construction elements, all screws and clips also found their place, the rear glass comes in a separate box and is well-packed as well as the rest of the top, the top does add protection and comfort, I like it so much
Category: Hard Tops
These are an easy way to dress up stock headlights, mine have a couple of scratches on top, but these pieces mask them perfectly, besides, the lights do look better with them, I’ve painted them in matte black
Category: Light Covers
Nice black running boards at a good price, I had them installed professionally, which took less than an hour, the mechanic said they were quality ones, he used the brackets that came with the boards, I’m satisfied with the purchase
Category: Step Boards
Overall high-quality running boards, made of aluminum so they should never rust, I wish them to be wider, but it’s my fault because you offer them in different widths
Category: Step Boards
Tom T.
Top-quality classic running boards, I installed similar ones on my other truck and have been happy with them for two years
Category: Step Boards
Old-school design and durability you can count on under any conditions, the steps are sturdy and easy to clean, I’m satisfied with my purchase
Category: Step Boards
Auto mechanic
I bought these running boards for my work truck, love their diamond finish and design, the installation was a piece of cake, it took me half an hour to mount them onto the truck, the only thing… I wish them to be a bit longer
Category: Step Boards


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