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TrailFX FCLR001B loader
Part Number FCLR001B
Exact fit
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In Stock
TrailFX FCLR002B loader
Part Number FCLR002B
Exact fit
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In Stock

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International MA1200 Exterior Parts and Accessories reviews

I love these fenders they have such great fitment and look fantastic on the vehicle . I was just really disappointed that I didn't receive a sticker or two just because as a car guy I love having the parts manufacturer name on my vehicle so just for future reference please pack stickers !!!! @truck&gearteam
Category: Fenders
It works for me for this price, a quality 2-inch ball at a good price
Category: Hitch Balls
I like them as long as the pins and shackles themselves do not break, they seem quality but the pins don’t go through the holes, you need to grind off the paint to make them fit through as they should
Category: Truck Winch Accessories
Accurate fit but complicated installation, I spent more than an hour tightening the top, the installation instruction is poor, but overall, good quality and thick materials, smuttybilt should work on the instructions
Category: Soft Tops
The description says it is a replacement kit, but your roll bars must come with padding so you can add these covers, I am not sure maybe you can add them as they come but they look much better with factory roll bar padding inside
Category: Hard Top Accessories
You get what you pay for, the metal is thick enough, so it is durable, no problem with that, so does the finish, but the installation is a bit tricky, if the nuts were welded as in the picture it would cut the installation time and effort, but anyway it is a quality product even despite the fact it is not American made
Category: Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch
The fairlead looks fantastic, I use it with a synthetic rope to reduce wear, so I am pretty sure it to be durable long-term, I’d not recommend using it with a chain, I think it will wear much faster, overall, solid four stars
Category: Truck Winch Mounts
Harry Sing
The item looks exactly like the picture
Category: Truck Winch Accessories
The horns sound good and work as advertised, they add retro style to the look of my truck, I do like them
Category: Air Horns
This is the best grille I’ve ever had, it’s lightweight, yet looks and feels sturdy. The installation took less than an hour. The shipping was fast and I also got a first-time purchase discount, great service truck and gear!
Category: Custom Grilles
The running boards work great, easy to enter and exit the vehicle, checked with my children and wife, the delivery was a bit long, but I was not in a rush with the boards, so that worked for me
Category: Step Boards
Sturdy and nice-looking running boards came with mounting brackets, so the installation was easy, perfectly match my silver rims
Category: Step Boards


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