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Napier 19100 loader
Part Number 19100
Exact fit
In Stock

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Maserati 430i Exterior Parts and Accessories reviews

Bjorn Hogman
Best buy ever.
Category: Custom Car Mirrors
elijah skat
can yall get sum more already
Category: Fenders
Hugo I. ortiz
Looks good, had to trim the inside a bit didn't want to fit at first so that was annoying but made it work and there was a small crack but im too lazy to return it but yeah overall alright
Category: Bumper Lips
It took me 3 hours to install the spoiler, I did it for the first time, with proper tools I think I’d have the trick done in less than an hour, that was my first installation experience but I’m satisfied with the new look I got, the spoiler is lightweight yet sturdy so there is no winging at high speeds
Category: Custom Spoilers
The wing is durable and looks good when installed, I had to drill a couple of holes to secure it on the trunk and do some sealing to prevent rusting of the bolts and leaking trunk, overall, I give it 4 out of five stars, not bad
Category: Custom Spoilers
Simply the best bull bar with a skid plate for this cost! Durable materials, a nice appearance and an excellent fit; it also has pre-drilled holes to accommodate a set of off-road lights, so I plan to add them as well
Category: Brush Guards
Quality running boards, I haven’t measured the drop (your side states it is 4 inches) but the number should be correct, now it’s really easy to get in and out, I do recommend this product
Category: Step Boards
Classic design boards, thick and durable, I had the same ones installed on my other truck and I’m happy with them, easy to clean and maintain
Category: Step Boards
Do their job and look good, just the thing for hardworking vehicles and off-road applications, I had a bad experience using alloy steps with plastic end caps and inserts
Category: Step Boards
Chose between 10 and 8 inch running boards, I’m happy with my 8 inch boards as they provide lots of steeping area for safe footing, but thought they came with end caps… I’ll have to purchase them to fit the running boards
Category: Step Boards
Perfect add-on to the stock bumper, requires some trimming to fit properly, but I think it’s normal for aftermarket body parts, have it painted with a spray bottle
Category: Bumper Lips


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