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Mercedes-Benz GLK280 Exterior Parts and Accessories reviews

From my husband… the rocker guards are a perfect add-on to his Jeep, he likes the way they look and fit
Category: Rocker Bars
Some of the best armor on the market, accurate fit, and easy installation, the rails came well-packed in a box with hardware and instructions, they look sturdy so the steps are something you can use regularly
Category: Rocker Bars
Fit well, but need minor modifications to mount, which is common for most Jeep accessories, overall good quality materials and finish, but may need repainting in a couple of years but it is cheaper than repainting the Jeep
Category: Rocker Bars
An easy way to hold a small fire extinguisher, an ideal solution for those who don’t like the look of metal holders, easy to attach to a roll bar
Category: Hard Top Accessories
Just to start ….the grille looks fine and seems to be quality, easy to install, but my complaint is the shipping time and quality control, it took four days to deliver it to my door, but when I checked the condition there was a little scratch on the front, and then it took other four days to have another one delivered to me, no complaint about the product, just long shipping
Category: Billet Grilles
I bought this cargo carrier steel basket to mount on my factory rails. It fits and looks as advertised on the product page, so I’m happy with it
Category: Base Roof Rack Systems
Just what the doctor ordered! This is my second bumper guard from spec-d, both are of excellent quality and fit well. This one arrived properly packed in a box, necessary hardware and instructions were also included, nice!
Category: Bumper Guards
High-quality tool box, it is made from aluminum, so it is easy to get on the truck and remove if necessary, provides enough space for all my tools, not the cheapest option on the market but it’s definitely worth the money
Category: Truck Bed Tool Boxes
Quality running boards, I haven’t measured the drop (your side states it is 4 inches) but the number should be correct, now it’s really easy to get in and out, I do recommend this product
Category: Step Boards
Miranda P.
That was a present for my husband, he likes the diamond tread and how the boards look on the truck, he said they were some of the best running boards for off-roading
Category: Step Boards
Tony R.
Nice wide running boards that run from wheel to wheel for maximum coverage, I’m not sure if they are true aluminum, but the metal is thick and the pattern looks good, so they work for me whatever they are made of
Category: Step Boards
Premium quality side bars with wide step pads that do not slip in rain and fog, easy to install with provided brackets and bolts that fit into factory openings
Category: Step Boards


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