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Duraflex 113933 loader
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Duraflex 113932 loader
Part Number 113932
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Mercedes-Benz Maybach S550 Exterior Parts and Accessories reviews

T. Clark
And it looks awesome!!
Category: Billet Grilles
Harri Singh
Category: Truck Bed Accessories
The top looks good, and so does the fit, but it is not waterproof as the description states, it will add style to the look of your Jeep and protect you from the sun, but you should not expect it to protect you from rain.
Category: Soft Tops
High quality, durable fabric and plenty of storage space, my only complaint is the installation, the instruction says you must drill to secure the cover with screws, I think there should be another way to install the cover without having to drill the tailgate, I’m sure the metal will get rusted around the screws under the cover in a couple of years
Category: Truck Caps
Nice roof rack, it fits well, and seems to be durable, I read several complaints saying of rusting, but the finish is in perfect condition, I think it can get damaged over time due to cargo shifting, so you need to keep that in mind and maybe repaint it after a year of use to prevent rusting
Category: Roof Rack Baskets
You get what you pay for, the metal is thick enough, so it is durable, no problem with that, so does the finish, but the installation is a bit tricky, if the nuts were welded as in the picture it would cut the installation time and effort, but anyway it is a quality product even despite the fact it is not American made
Category: Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch
A nice front lip, but it requires new bolts to mount, I thought they should come with the lip, but found none in the box, this is not a big problem because the lip is really good, just make sure to buy them with the lip
Category: Bumper Lips
The wing is durable and looks good when installed, I had to drill a couple of holes to secure it on the trunk and do some sealing to prevent rusting of the bolts and leaking trunk, overall, I give it 4 out of five stars, not bad
Category: Custom Spoilers
Daniel R.
Overall, it is a great box, lightweight and durable, and easy to secure, but I found it too deep for me, if you plan to store small tools go with a smaller one
Category: Truck Bed Tool Boxes
Don K.
Easy to install aluminum running boards, wide stepping area, look sturdy and do not flex when you step on, an ideal solution for work trucks
Category: Step Boards
A perfect add-on to my aluminum running boards, they give the boards a finished look and protect them from flying debris, the metal is not so thick as the boards but anyway they do their job and work for me
Category: Mud Flaps
Durable and easy to install, have never seen them in black before, but in fact they look awesome when installed, and arrived well-packed in a box
Category: Step Boards


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