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Napier 19100 loader
Part Number 19100
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Looks Great!!!
Category: Billet Grilles
Tom K.
Definitely love it! It follows body lines and looks heavy and impressive, just the thing I needed, the only problem was no installation instruction provided with the guard so I had to call your customer service, fortunately, you emailed the instructions on the same day, thank you, I know it was not your fault
Category: Tail Light Guards
Great work!
Category: Awnings
Better than any soft top….I always prefer the functionality, durability, and look of hard tops, like this hard top, it fits perfectly and adds comfort to the ride, I use it from early autumn to late spring
Category: Hard Tops
These are the perfect fit for my 2016 Silverado, I bought a full set to save on shipping and I am happy with what I got for the price, all fenders fit like factory parts and are sealed with a rubber gasket included, it took me almost two hours to have four of them installed
Category: Fender Flares
Great value for the money, I bought it for safe and easy securing my rope to the vehicle when I need to pull something, I’m not planning to use it regularly, so I think it will serve me for many years to come.
Category: Truck Winch Accessories
The piece themselves look as advertised in the picture, but the fit is not accurate, the installation instructions say to leave a gap around the pieces, but it is impossible, even though it looks good from any angle
Category: Bumper Guards
Well-made part, a must-have if you drive with two different trailers like me, sometimes it’s hard to disconnect one of my trailers because I have to remove the hitch itself when the ball goes too high, but that’s not a big deal for me
Category: Hitch Balls
Just the thing I need! It fits like gloves. It took me more time to remove the factory grille than to install this one, I’m satisfied with the purchase and considering purchasing spyder headlights and taillights
Category: Billet Grilles
The running boards work great, easy to enter and exit the vehicle, checked with my children and wife, the delivery was a bit long, but I was not in a rush with the boards, so that worked for me
Category: Step Boards
Minimalistic design and time-tested steelcraft quality, the bar is stainless steel that is polished to a mirror finish, direct fit and easy installation, I do love how it looks on my 2012 RAV4, highly recommend
Category: Bumper Guards
Nice running boards, they are wide and run the length of my front and rear doors, entering and exiting my pickup truck has never been easier before
Category: Step Boards


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