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Napier 19100 loader
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Iven B
Almost perfect
Category: Bumper Valances
Perfect costumes service !!
Category: Bumper Lips
Very nice kit for its price, require installation skills or experience especially if you try to make the sound bar fit, arrived in a large box, which is good but everything inside was a mess, fortunately, I found no serious damage
Category: Exterior Guards
Well… it is much bigger than I expected from the picture, which is good I think, it covers all my basic needs, so I would recommend it to everyone, just don’t forget to apply some grease before using it for the first time
Category: Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch
I was sure the steps were textured but instead I got them in gloss black, I don’t know if it might be a wrong picture, everything else is fine, look and fit great
Category: Side Steps
The greatest thing about these bags is that they can be put on the doors before their removal! This is very useful, especially if you take the door off somewhere in the backyard and have to move them to the storage place, there is no chance to get them damaged occasionally, highly recommend the covers!
Category: Covers
Nice roof rack, it fits well, and seems to be durable, I read several complaints saying of rusting, but the finish is in perfect condition, I think it can get damaged over time due to cargo shifting, so you need to keep that in mind and maybe repaint it after a year of use to prevent rusting
Category: Roof Rack Baskets
The rails came in original packaging and in perfect condition, no scratches or other defects, they are not thule, but overall good quality for their price, they fit well and do their job, so there is nothing else to desire…
Category: Roof Racks
Accurate fit, trouble-free installation, and a nice look, perfect for my hardworking truck, they are all aluminum so scratches and road debris are not a problem at all
Category: Step Boards
Overall high-quality running boards, made of aluminum so they should never rust, I wish them to be wider, but it’s my fault because you offer them in different widths
Category: Step Boards
High-quality aluminum running boards, durable construction, classic design, arrived well packed but there were some scratches on the back side, but since they are not visible overall they work fine for me
Category: Step Boards
Nice looking and sturdy running boards, but you may get some trouble trying to fit the mid bracket, watching the installation video is a must… when installed they look like oem steps so overall I’m happy with the purchase
Category: Step Boards


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