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Blue Ox BX3829 loader
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Volkswagen Passat CC Exterior Parts and Accessories reviews

Daniel Prefach
Just what I needed.
Category: Bed Extenders
Iven B
Almost perfect
Category: Bumper Valances
Very nice kit for its price, require installation skills or experience especially if you try to make the sound bar fit, arrived in a large box, which is good but everything inside was a mess, fortunately, I found no serious damage
Category: Exterior Guards
Good traction and secure stepping, I live in a wet climate, so the latter is crucial for me, look good, but they are not the kind of side steps I’d install on my family vehicle, overall thick and durable steps
Category: Step Boards
Don K.
Easy to install aluminum running boards, wide stepping area, look sturdy and do not flex when you step on, an ideal solution for work trucks
Category: Step Boards
Do their job and look good, just the thing for hardworking vehicles and off-road applications, I had a bad experience using alloy steps with plastic end caps and inserts
Category: Step Boards
Sturdy and nice-looking running boards came with mounting brackets, so the installation was easy, perfectly match my silver rims
Category: Step Boards
Tony R.
Nice wide running boards that run from wheel to wheel for maximum coverage, I’m not sure if they are true aluminum, but the metal is thick and the pattern looks good, so they work for me whatever they are made of
Category: Step Boards
Tony S.
Nice look and accurate fit, the installation took one hour, the bar looks like a factory part when installed and doesn’t go too far from the bumper, overall, I am happy with my purchase, thinking of adding a similar bar to the rear
Category: Brush Guards
Minimalistic design and time-tested steelcraft quality, the bar is stainless steel that is polished to a mirror finish, direct fit and easy installation, I do love how it looks on my 2012 RAV4, highly recommend
Category: Bumper Guards
Good and functional side steps, the installation took almost 2 hours, but it’s okay since all bolts found their places, so no drilling is required, I’m not sure about the finish as it seems to get rusted over time, but will see, for now, they work for me
Category: Step Boards


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