Flowtech® - Afterburner Thrust Toobs Exhaust Adapters
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Flowtech® 10511FLT

Afterburner Thrust Toobs Exhaust Adapters
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Product details

Afterburner Thrust Toobs used with open headers are designed to complete the system and squeeze out extra horsepower and torque. Designed to bolt behind any three-bolt header collector and are made from durable 16-gauge tubing.
  • SKU: 10511FLT
  • UPC: 787480105110
  • 3 Bolt
  • Pair
  • Package Contains One Pair
  • Fully-Welded Construction
  • Durable 16 gauge construction
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Item Details

diameter (in.) 3
style One Piece
system type Adapter Pipes

Key features

Flowtech cornered its place in the market with aggressive and memorable product names such as Raptor™, Terminator™, Afterburner™ and Warlock™.
Flowtech made its mark with simple yet effective improvements like slotted port flanges giving added wiggle room during header installation.
Flowtech innovations include their unique Afterburner headers which separate the odd firing cylinders with a velocity tube to improve scavenging.
The same innovation continues today with the addition of universal X-pipe kits and X-pipe kits with built in cut-outs.