Ford Performance® - Under Body Light Kit
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Ford Performance® M-15200-RUNA

Under Body Light Kit
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Under Body Light Kit; Amber Full overview
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Ford Performance worked with one of the most recognized names in Off-Road lighting, RIGID, to offer Off-Road Light Kits which work with Ford vehicles. These lights are mounted in the wheel well or other strategic locations to enable off-road vehicles to illuminate trails as well as difficult, rocky terrain. This kit contains 4) RIGID LED Rock Lights (Amber Light) plus 15-foot leads to each light, power distribution block, switch, and light mounts. RIGID Rock Lights contain a high quality black aluminum housing with a durable polycarbonate lens. Warning-this part has been designed and is intended for off-highway application only. Installation on a vehicle intended for use on public roads may violate U.S., Canadian, state or provincial laws and regulations including those relating to emission requirements and motor vehicle safety standards. In addition, installation of this part may adversely affect the warranty coverage on your vehicle.
  • SKU: M-15200-RUNA
  • UPC: 756122012512
  • Rigid Led Rock Lights Plus 15 ft. Leads To Each Light
  • Power Distribution Block
  • Incl. Switch And Light Mounts
  • Rigid Rock Lights Contain A High Quality Black Aluminum Housing
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Item Details

application Automotive
beam style Regular
bulb technology OE
housing color Chrome
housing shape OE
quantity sold 1
color amber