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Like many other high-performance solutions, paddle shifters have come to the mass-production automotive market from the world of racing. Mounted directly on a car steering wheel or underneath it, they perform the function of the shift lever in a manual or semi-automatic transmission while taking gear shifting to the next level. Today, paddle shifters can be found in many mass-produced sports cars that utilize a 6-speed or 8-speed sequential or “flappy” paddle gearbox, which, in turn, provide plenty of advantages over traditional CVT and automatic transmissions. On our website, paddle shifters are available in various styles and designs, running the gamut from classic billet aluminum paddle shifters to carbon fiber racing pedal shifters. We also provide premium quality replacement transmission controllers, diff covers, and control arms, as well as aftermarket retrofit kits, extension covers, short hubs, and universal mounts from DSG Paddles, Works Bell, Hurst Shifter, and other popular brands.

Rock Jock CE-9060 loader
Part Number CE-9060
Universal fit
Special order

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