Kleinn Automotive Air Horns® - Compact Black XCR 2.0 Coated Zinc Alloy Quad Train Horn with Vortex 4 Solenoid Valve
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Kleinn Automotive Air Horns® 141-1

Compact Black XCR 2.0 Coated Zinc Alloy Quad Train Horn with Vortex 4 Solenoid Valve
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Want a train horn on your car but dont have the space? Our model 141 quad air horn delivers devastating sound with compact, easy to install construction. This air horn can fit in almost any vehicle and deliver the big time loud air horn sound you need. Easy to fit and extreme sound; these loud air horns are the complete package. Full overview
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Product details

Kleinn is a premier manufacturer of a comprehensive range of automotive air horns, train horns, onboard air systems, and a bunch or related accessories as well as off-road lift kits for a great number of vehicle applications. The company is currently based in Tucson, Arizona. Considering the ever-growing demands of the customers and striving to be an absolute leader in the market, Kleinn has been relentlessly innovating and developing new standards of excellence. Besides, the manufacturer is a regular attendee of the SEMA Show, exhibiting its revolutionary products for the coming year.
  • SKU: 141-1
  • UPC: 819147010120
  • Four trumpets, 13 in., 11 in., 8 1/2 in. and 7 in. length
  • Loud, full, clean sound
  • Black XCR 2.0 coated zinc alloy air horn trumpets
  • Vortex 4 12-volt electronic air horn solenoid included
  • Up to 153.6 db output
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Item Details

sound type Dual Tone
sound level 153.6 Decibel
shape Round Trumpet
voltage rating 12 Volt
finish Matte
color Black
material Zinc