Replacement - Rear View Mirror Bracket
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LKQ® GMK414193555

Replacement - Rear View Mirror Bracket
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Rear View Mirror Bracket by Replacement. The mirrors on classic and muscle cars were styling features as well as driver's aides, each model having its own style base and frame. By now, however, most of those old mirrors have pitted chrome, cracked or hazy glass, and loose mountings. That is, if the original mirror is still there. To restore your classic to original condition, you need an authentic reproduction mirror from the restoration experts at Replacemenet. Full overview
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It's rare to find a side view mirror on a classic or muscle car that has survived unscathed. Over time the chrome usually became pitted; the pivot may have become loose, preventing the mirror from staying in adjustment; the mirror may have become loose at the base; and the mirror glass usually became cracked or hazy. Many original side mirrors were replaced with generic versions from the auto parts store long ago. Inside mirrors also had their problems, becoming loose and not staying in adjustment or in some cases completely falling off. To restore your rear vision and your classic's appearance, look to the restoration experts at LKQ for authentic reproduction side view and inside rear view mirrors. Restoring cars isn't just a business for the people at LKQ, they're also car enthusiasts and restorers just like you, and they wouldn't make anything they wouldn't install on their own cars or trucks. Each mirror is CAD/CAM designed to make sure it exactly replicates the original part, and then it's manufactured with the most modern tooling. Each design is test fit to make sure it looks and fits perfectly. Many LKQ parts have been approved by the manufacturers of the original equipment and are licensed to be sold as genuine replacement parts. Every LKQ mirror is an accurate reproduction, made of the same material and to the same specifications as the original part. Correct in every detail, it will make your car look just as it did the day it came from the factory. When our classic and muscle cars were new, innovations like remote control of side view mirrors and day/night inside rear view mirrors were becoming common. LKQ has these mirrors where applicable so you can equip your car just as it was originally built. Or, if you're not a stickler for originality, now you can upgrade your car if it didn't come with such features. And besides the mirror itself, LKQ has all the necessary parts like brackets, gaskets and hardware to complete the job.
  • SKU: GMK414193555
  • UPC: 615343748160
  • Might be primer paint only
  • Authentic reproduction of the original part
  • Highest quality mirrors available
  • Designed with the latest software and manufactured using modern tooling
  • Identical in form and function to the original part
  • Made in USA
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LKQ performs both internal testing and hires independent testing agencies to evaluate the quality of their parts.
Original quality factory parts for your vehicle as inexpensive replacement options.
Identical with factory installation and requires no modifications or drilling.
Manufactured with latest software and modern tooling.