Replacement - Driver Side Grille Molding Seal for Honda Accord
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LKQ® HO1212120

Replacement - Driver Side Grille Molding Seal for Honda Accord
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Driver Side Grille Molding Seal (HO1212120) by Replacement. Rubber. If your brackets are damaged, a replacement grille won't mount properly or look right. Top-notch Replacemenet brackets will come in handy if you need to properly locate the grille in the grille frame or surround and put your vehicle back to original condition. Designed to OE specifications, they look and fit properly. Manufactured using the same gauge material, authentic quality Replacemenet brackets deliver the same strength and durability as parts from the dealer, providing correct attachment of the grille to your vehicle. Full overview
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Along with providing an opening for air to enter and protecting the radiator, the grille is a vehicle's most significant styling feature. Many grilles, like BMW's split kidney grille, Rolls Royce's vertical bar grille, and Pontiac's split grille instantly identify a brand. This makes a classic car look stunning and recognizable. After miles of driving your grille components may showcase unsightly dents, dings and scratches caused by constant attacks of road debris. Grilles may also suffer severe damage from a road accident. So, you should keep your grille components in proper condition to maintain the original look of your auto. When a vehicle is in a collision, seldom are just the major parts broken or damaged. Behind the scenes components like brackets and supports, and trim parts like moldings and ornaments also usually end up destroyed. If you've been in a front end collision and your grille requires replacement, there's a good chance that these and other grille components are also candidates for renewal. If you're stunned by the cost of these parts at the dealer, then look no further than quality replacement grille components from LKQ that are similar to the original equipment (OE) for much less than the OE price. Prime quality LKQ brackets are designed using the latest software so they exactly duplicate the OE parts, then they're manufactured using the most modern tooling, so the end product mounts, looks and fits exactly as designed. LKQ brackets are made from the same gauge material as the OE to ensure proper strength and durability. When it comes to repair or complete restoration, top-notch LKQ components are what the doctor ordered to get you back on the road in vehicle that looks brand new without breaking the bank.
  • SKU: HO1212120
  • UPC: 191275508572
  • Might be primer paint only
  • Same quality as OE for less money
  • Designed with the latest software and manufactured with modern tooling
  • Direct replacement
  • Installs the same as factory unit
  • Same dimensions as OE part
  • Same gauge sheet metal as OE
  • No vehicle modifications required for installation
Authorized Dealer: Brand: LKQ

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71129TVAA00, HO1212120

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