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  • SKU: LKQ-P408

LKQ® - Hood Panel Inserts | LKQ-P408

Faithful reproductions of factory hood inerts from LKQ will come in handy if you want to bring the look and functionality of your vehicle's hood back. Designed to fit just like inserts from the factory, they're sure to provide proper cooling of the engine by allowing heat to escape which is essential to its performance and reliability.
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A hood is more than just a door to the engine compartment. Although the average hood is mostly flat many automobile designers include unique styling features like vents and scoops that distinguish the vehicle. These are intended to catch the eye, but in the process they can also draw attention to any hood damage. If your car or truck's hood is flawed due to collision or other damage, the flat expanses of the hood will cause every flaw to show through a paint job which can seriously degrade the vehicle's appearance, no matter how nice the rest might look. If you're looking for all the same-as-original hood inserts to bring your hood back to its tip-top condition, go with top-notch quality restoration products from LKQ that will help maintain your vehicle in tip-top shape. No headaches, no time and money wasted searching for a used panel from a scrap yard, today you can restore your vehicle in no time flat with original hood reproduction components from LKQ. Made from the proper gauge material to OE specifications using the state-of-the-art tooling, LKQ hood inserts duplicate factory components in every possible way, providing the right appearance, fit and function without high dealer price. So, make sure to have the finest restoration parts will help get your prized possession back on the road in no time flat.
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