Replacement - 16x6.5 15 Hole Black Steel Factory Wheel (Replica)
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LKQ® STL70782U45N

Replacement - 16x6.5 15 Hole Black Steel Factory Wheel (Replica)
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16 Replica 15-Hole Black Steel Factory Wheel (STL70782U45N) by Replacement. Size: 16 x 6.5. Bolt Pattern: 5 x 114.3mm. Bent, dented, dinged or otherwise damaged wheels can detract from the appearance of a nice vehicle, but more importantly, can cause an unsafe driving condition. Damaged wheels may not hold air and can cause unsafe vehicle handling. If you're in need of a replacement steel wheel, don't pay the high price at the dealer. Replacemenet has brand new factory replica steel wheels that meet or exceed OE (original equipment) wheel standards. A Replacemenet factory replica steel wheel will appear and function the same as a new wheel from the dealer for much less cash, and it carries a limited lifetime warranty. Full overview
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Product details

You accidently hit a curb or other obstacle and bend, dent, or scrape one of your vehicle's factory steel wheels. Such damage is not only unsightly, it can be dangerous. A damaged wheel may not allow the wheel to stay seated on the bead and it may not hold air. A bent or dented wheel may not enable the tire to track properly, upsetting vehicle handling, and this kind of damage can also cause a bothersome vibration which can also wear suspension and driveline parts. But a new replacement wheel from the dealer is very expensive! Don't drive with a damaged wheel because of high dealer prices, not when you can get a factory replica steel wheel from LKQ. A LKQ factory replica steel wheel is indistinguishable from a new wheel from the dealer, and it will take a much smaller bite out of your wallet. They're the inexpensive alternative to OE wheels, but you get the same or better quality. LKQ wheels are CAD designed and manufactured to specific standards to exactly replicate your factory steel wheels. They accept factory center caps and lug nuts, and you won't be able to distinguish one from your other wheels (other than the fact it's clean and shiny!) if you're replacing a damaged wheel. LKQ Factory Replica Steel Wheels are manufactured to meet or exceed SAE and ASTM wheel testing standards. To ensure this, wheels are periodically selected at random and tested, both by LKQ and independent testing laboratories. The Radial Fatigue Test stresses the wheel with a heavier than normal load in a straight line simulation, while the Rotary Fatigue Test stresses the wheel with a heavier than normal load in a cornering situation. The Side Impact Test simulates impacting/curbing the wheel at high speeds. LKQ wheels meet or exceed the passing standards for these tests. In addition, the manufacturing process at each plant is periodically reviewed and audited for quality control, and all plants are ISO certified. LKQ is so confident in the quality of their Factory Replica Steel Wheels that they're backed by a limited lifetime warranty - guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle on which the wheel is installed.
  • SKU: STL70782U45N
  • UPC: 615343194677
  • Might be primer paint only
  • Brand new replica steel wheel manufactured to meet or exceed OE (original equipment) wheel standards
  • Direct replacement, indistinguishable from factory original, ideal when replacing only one wheel
  • Accommodates OE center cap and lug nuts
  • CAD designed to exactly replicate factory wheel
  • Manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities using the most modern manufacturing processes
  • Wheels are independently tested to ensure all quality and safety standards are met
  • Meets or exceeds SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) wheel testing standards
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
Authorized Dealer: Brand: LKQ

Item Details

finish 15 hole black steel factory wheel
quality best (platinum plus)


529102E400, 560-70782, 11017709, X44656, 529102E400HM

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Key features

LKQ performs both internal testing and hires independent testing agencies to evaluate the quality of their parts.
Original quality factory parts for your vehicle as inexpensive replacement options.
Identical with factory installation and requires no modifications or drilling.
Manufactured with latest software and modern tooling.