Replacement - Front Driver Side Fog Light Cover Filler for Volkswagen Jetta
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LKQ® VW1038136

Replacement - Front Driver Side Fog Light Cover Filler for Volkswagen Jetta
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Front Driver Side Fog Light Cover Filler (VW1038136) by Replacement. As its name implies, the bumper filler panel fills the gap between the bumper and the body. Because it is behind the bumper, the filler may survive impacts that would require other, more vulnerable bumper components to be replaced. However, a collision that pushes the bumper back into the body may damage the filler to the point it requires replacement. If your bumper filler sustains damage, you can pay the high price for a replacement part at the dealer, or you can save money and get Replacemenet bumper filler. Replacemenet has quality replacement bumper fillers that are identical to original equipment (OE) for much less than the OE price. Full overview
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Product details

Bumper fillers vary in design and construction according to vehicle. They are generally installed to give the vehicle a cleaner, more finished look. It long ago ceased to be acceptable in automotive design to be able to see the ground or daylight between the bumper and the body. Some fillers are just flat panels that take up the space, while others are shaped to blend the bumper into the body and make the vehicle appear more aerodynamic. In the past your options for replacing a damaged bumper filler were finding a good used one, buying a cheap replacement, or paying big bucks for an OE bumper filler. Because damage to these parts is so prevalent, searching for a useable piece from a scrap yard is a waste of time. And many cheap replacement bumper fillers don't fit properly and aren't even made of the proper gauge material. Today you can fix your car or truck properly and have money left in your pocket with a new quality replacement bumper filler from LKQ. LKQ offers OE quality body parts at less than original equipment prices. You get the same quality part that you'd get at the dealer without the high dealer price. LKQ bumper filler will look and fit just like a bumper filler from the dealer, so your car or truck will look new again. LKQ bumper fillers are designed using the latest software so they exactly replicate the OE units, then they're manufactured using the most modern tooling, so the end product looks and fits exactly as designed. LKQ bumper filler is made to the same dimensions as OE with the same gauge material. Body repair is expensive enough without paying more than necessary for quality parts. LKQ bumper filler is the sensible alternative to the high dealer price markup. LKQ bumper filler will get you back on the road in a car or truck that looks brand new, without breaking the bank. LKQ is so confident in the quality of its bumper fillers that they're backed by a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle on which the part is installed. This includes perforation (metal rust-through) due to corrosion in normal use.
  • SKU: VW1038136
  • UPC: 615343592329
  • Might be primer paint only
  • Same quality as OE for less
  • Designed with the latest software and manufactured with modern tooling
  • Direct replacement
  • Installs the same as factory unit
  • Same dimensions as OE part
  • Same gauge material as OE
  • No vehicle modifications required for installation
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
Authorized Dealer: Brand: LKQ

Item Details

quality best (diamond standard plus)


5C68072339B9, B01N7DP4EX, VW1038136, 11733680

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Key features

LKQ performs both internal testing and hires independent testing agencies to evaluate the quality of their parts.
Original quality factory parts for your vehicle as inexpensive replacement options.
Identical with factory installation and requires no modifications or drilling.
Manufactured with latest software and modern tooling.