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ACCEL 140001 loader
Part Number 140001
Exact fit
Free Shipping
In Stock

-3% via ACCEL3 promocode

Yukon Gear & Axle YT BDSET loader
Part Number YT BDSET
Exact fit
Free Shipping

-2% via YGA2 promocode

EBC Brakes DP2106 loader
Part Number DP2106
Exact fit
Free Shipping
Special order
EBC Brakes DP4106R loader
Part Number DP4106R
Exact fit
Free Shipping
Special order
EBC Brakes DP2114 loader
Part Number DP2114
Exact fit
Free Shipping
Special order
StopTech 126.61069SR loader
Part Number 126.61069SR
Exact fit
Free Shipping
Special order
StopTech 126.61069SL loader
Part Number 126.61069SL
Exact fit
Free Shipping
Special order

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Ford Cortina Performance Parts reviews

Nice upgrade for my Toyota, true American quality you can trust, everything looks as advertised, fast shipping, great service
Category: Performance Driveline & Axles
I was pleased to find out that the assembly accepts factory brakes and sensors, I reinstalled them to save some budget because the part itself is pricey, however, it’s worth every penny you pay for it
Category: Performance Axle Assemblies
The strut bar fits like a glove, no problem during installation, and what is more important it really gives the difference in handling, the car feels stiffer, especially on corners, I am happy with my purchase
Category: Performance Suspension Shocks & Struts
I was looking for a lowering kit at a good price for my 1997 Honda Civic…this is one of the best kits for sale I’ve found, it is of high quality and easy to install, I’m running with 2-inch drop with stock shocks, the ride is much better now
Category: Performance Lowering Kits
This is not a direct-fit radiator, the inlet is in the wrong place, the radiator housing must also be modified to fit properly, but the radiator itself is of high-quality, there has been no issue for five months already
Category: Performance Radiators
This is not magnaflow or borla, but it is worth what it costs, the metal is thick and the muffler itself provides some power boost you can hear and feel, I think it’s hard to find something better for this price
Category: Performance Mufflers
I prepared my car for a track, so I replaced my cat with these pipes, I haven’t measured the power boost yet, but they definitely work, I wish they were legal on the street!
Category: Performance Catalytic Converter Pipes
Bought the part following your sales rep’s recommendation, the cat came on time and in good condition, looks like a high-quality one, thank you!
Category: Performance Catalytic Converters
A friend of mine recommended your website to buy a catalytic converter for my Dodge. Shipping was fast and the part came well packed, have it already installed, and everything is fine so far, thank you!
Category: Performance Catalytic Converters
I bought the cat on this website but then found it cheaper and decided to return it for a refund. Instead, you, guys, offered me a price match, so I got the price difference refunded! Great job and one more loyal customer
Category: Performance Catalytic Converters
Like magnaflow quality and fit, always stick to this brand. It has been my second purchase on truck&gear, both times the parts were delivered on time, recommend this website
Category: Performance Catalytic Converters
Ordered a catalytic converter for my 1995 Impreza on your website. The part itself is high quality but came with a dent (it looks like it was damaged while shipped), so I refused the delivery and called your customer support to replace the part. I got a new one in 3 days. Great service! Thank you!
Category: Performance Catalytic Converters

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