Wheels & Tires

Explore our ample selection of wheels and tires. The assortment includes various products to conquer any road. Find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Tips on how to select a wheel All the information you need is located on your wheel's sidewall. The first number, "215" in our example, represents the wheel's width.

Wheels and Tires for Commercial Trucks and Cars: Solution for Any Road

Boost your road experience by installing new wheels and tires. We give you an extensive selection of well-crafted wheels and tires to improve your rig by making your vehicle safer and more stable on the road. Also, we provide miscellaneous accessories for wheels.

Regardless of the vehicle type and the routes you work with, the automobile must have an excellent road grip. Truck & Gear offers you a variety of products which maximize your vehicle performance and safety.

Truck & Gear gives you the opportunity to find wheels and tires for cars and trucks. You can choose affordable and durable products to build a vehicle that meets your needs.