Access Covers® - 18" Motion LED Lights - 1 Single Pack
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Access Covers® 90392

18" Motion LED Lights - 1 Single Pack
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18" Motion LED Lights - 1 Single Pack. 18 inch motion activated LED light strip with 3M adhesive. Can be mounted at front or rear of truck bed. Built-in adjustable auto shut off allows the light to shut off after 1 minute or no motion. Battery operation makes this light unique and no wiring is necessary. Can be used in boats, SUV's, or anywhere. Full overview
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In 1991 Agri-Cover, Inc. invented the ACCESS Original Roll-Up Cover, the first tonneau cover of its kind. Other roll up covers have entered the market since then, but none have been tested, trusted and guaranteed longer than the ACCESS Original Roll-Up Cover. Our focus on precise fit, top quality materials and lasting performance is the reason for our very low warranty claim rate and exceptionally high repeat customer rate. ACCESS Roll-Up Covers are manufactured in Jamestown, North Dakota and are designed to meet lifestyle demands from coast to coast. ACCESS Roll-Up Covers have been tested across North America in both extreme cold and hot climates, trusted by truck owners for a quarter of a century and guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship.
  • SKU: 90392
  • UPC: 813072020087
  • 18In Led Light Strip
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18in led light strip

Key features

Get more out of your truck with a tonneau cover as versatile as you with the ACCESS® Covers.
Simply roll the ACCESS® cover open to haul tall loads and then roll the cover closed for superior protection.
The ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover gives you the freedom to use your truck box the way you want.
ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers trusted by truck owners for a quarter of a century and guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship.