Aero Exhaust® - AERO Turbine Performance Muffler
Aero Exhaust® - AERO Turbine Performance Muffler
Aero Exhaust® - AERO Turbine Performance Muffler
Aero Exhaust® - AERO Turbine Performance Muffler
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Aero Exhaust® AT2525

AERO Turbine Performance Muffler
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Product details

The Aero Turbine muffler allows your engine to breathe easier and dramatically increases your vehicle's performance. When the incoming exhaust gas enter the Aero Turbine muffler it is rapidly expanded and split via our patented airfoil cone technology with an orifice similar to a jet engine. The air begins to spin because of the increased velocity and pressure transfer. The outer air stream then accelerates as is recombines with the inner air stream. The recombining of the air streams creates a vacuum that both muffles the exhaust sound and increases the exhaust flow. Thus allowing your engine to breathe easier and dramatically increasing your vehicle's performance. The Aero Turbine allows for more efficient combustion to create added power, rather than simply dumping more fuel into the engine. This muffler achieves incredible performance and improved gas mileage all while creating one of the smoothest, throaty sounds on the market. There is no packing or moisture collecting material in the muffler. The hand-polished 304 stainless steel will give you the look and feel that you want and the performance you deserve.
  • SKU: AT2525
  • UPC: 857414008005
  • Patented Airfoil Cone Technology
  • 100% 304 Stainless Steel
  • Mirror Polished Finish
  • Aero Exhaust Stamped Logo
  • Fully Welded Construction
  • Increased Power & Torque
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Item Details

inlet position Center
outlet position Center
intlet diameter 2.5 in.
outlet diameter 2.5 in.
body diameter 6 in.
length 20 in.
body length 14 in.
sound level Aggressive
material 304 Grade Stainless Steel
finish Polished

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Key features

Company’s mission is to deliver high-quality performance exhaust products to performance enthusiasts all over the world.
Improvements in various areas such as flow characteristics, heat signatures, and optimal pipe diameter have resulted in greater horsepower and torque gains.
What sets AERO Exhaust apart is our unique, patented Air-Foil Technology (Aeroturbine) design.