Preparing Your Car for Quarantine Downtime

During the quarantine period, many of us are getting used to the stay-at-home regime. While you spend more time at home and don't use your car that often, you shouldn’t carelessly abandon it. There are things you can and probably should do so your car will be fresh and ready to use after the lockdown.

You can't just leave the vehicle in a garage and expect it to be in perfect condition after. We have gathered useful tips and advice you should follow to store your car for a couple of weeks or for the whole month.

Tips for Storing

Tips for Storing
  1. Change oil. Better to use a fresh one.
  2. Keep the car battery charged.
  3. Start your car two times a week. Idle it so the temperature would grow to a regular working one. Then shut it down.
  4. SCheck PSI and make sure that it 5 times higher if the car will be on downtime for long.
  5. Check PSI and make sure that it 5 times higher if the car will be on downtime for long.
  6. Check the filters and fluids levels.
  7. Use wooden blocks to park your car so the cement floor won’t draw the air pressure from them.
  8. Clean the car, inside and outside. Mold and smells are not the best things to have inside.
  9. Using parking brakes if the vehicle will be still for a long time (more than 30 days) is a big "NO."
  10. Fill the gas tank to full, so the moisture won’t build up and get into the fuel system.

What Else Can You Do?


Quarantine gives us some spare time. And if you love your car, you will dedicate some of that time to it. As we mentioned before, you need to fully prepare it for storing. Additionally, you can start giving your car some little improvements.

  1. Waxing. After exposure to the sun, dirt, salt, and ice, your vehicle can lose its shine. Giving a car a good wash and then covering it with wax will return it to the former beauty.
  2. Changing the lights. It applied to exterior and interior light. Exterior lights can fade due to harmful exposure and debris. Interior lights are not always good by default, and you want to create a more comfortable environment for yourself.
  3. Overall cosmetic or performance improvements. You can order parts and accessories online and install them yourself.

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