5 Must-Have Items That Should Be in Your Truck

Working as a truck driver can significantly change your life. Long trips can live you without good food or staying in touch with your family. Truck & Gear have gathered 5 essential items that will make your trucker life easier.


Eating healthy on the road is a hard thing. It is not a secret that bad nutrition is the main problem that affects a driver’s health. With a small fridge inside your cabin, you can store perishable food and save some tasty and healthy snacks for the long road trip.

Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop

Staying in touch with friends and family is essential for psychological health. Smartphone or tablet with a headset would be handy. You can talk to your closest one and not be distracted from driving. A laptop will help you to entertain yourself while you’re resting. Not mentioning that there are plenty of great apps for truckers that make your job much easier.


You don’t want to get lost, that’s for sure. Also, you want to gain access to the safest roads and routes. You can purchase a GPS and install it inside your truck. As an alternative, you can get a mobile app and use your device as a GPS.


You never know what can happen on the road. Be prepared for any emergency situation is the right decision. Such items as duct tape, wrench, electric tape, screwdrivers, etc. must always be in your truck. Even better if you have a professional toolkit.

Emergency Kit

Be prepared for anything. Extra food, water, flashlight, battery-powered radio, blanket, extra clothing will help you get over an extraordinary situation. And don’t forget about first aid kit.

Truck & Gear can provide you with high-quality products that will help you to make your life on the road easier. We have everything that can satisfy your trucker needs.